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This is a built Wilson Combat Multi Caliber Mil Spec Lower Reciever AR 15 with a 5.56/.223 upper.  This receiver can be changed to accept a 7.62 X 39, a 300 Blackout, or leave it as a 5.56/.223. This is an original Wilson Combat lower built with all the parts that would be used in a $2,000.00 AR. The Bolt Carrier Group and Charging Handle are all included and made from the finest materials available. Why spend $2,000.00 for an AR that is no better than this one at less than half of that price.  The inscriptions in white are highlighted to show up more in the photos.

We have more of these in different calibers. Don't pay too much for the same thing.

Wilson Combat AR15 Lower Receiver with 5.56, .223 Upper. $795.95

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