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Back in 2011, Kel-Tec revolutionized the realm of tactical, pump-action shotguns with the introduction of the KSG. Prepare to be captivated by the diverse range of variants available, leaving you tempted to choose a favorite or build an impressive collection—rest assured, we understand your enthusiasm. Each of our shotguns is chambered for 3" shells, enabling the discharge of an array of projectiles. What sets them apart is the remarkable inclusion of dual tubes equipped with a selector switch, lovingly referred to as the world's fastest reload. Furthermore, it's worth noting that all our shotguns boast downward ejection and complete ambidexterity, catering to both left- and right-handed shooters.

KelTec KSG 12 Ga Bullpup Shotgun Pump Action, Black - $689.99

  • Details

    Make: Kel-Tec
    Model: KSG
    Gauge: 12 Gauge
    Chamber: 3"
    Barrel Length: 18.5"
    Total Capacity: 14
    Weight Empty: 6.9lbs
    Weight Loaded: 8.5lbs
    Overall Length: 26.1"
    Height: 7"

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