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About this item

  • [Parameters] Class IIIA, less than 5mW, Wavelength 632-650nm red laser.
  • [Application] This laser sight kit includes three calibrators, 9mm, 40SW and 45acp, Made to fit the 9mm, .40 cal and .45 cal chamber.
  • [Accuracy] Easy to sit perfectly in the bore. Quick reset zeroing and sighting system and save you time and cartridges.
  • [Design] Sturdy and durable brass construction, doesn't hurt the barrel. Light and compact, Portable packaging.
  • [Batteries] Comes with 10pcs UPDATED batteries (AG3/LR41). Please remove the batteries after use.

Laser Bore Sight kit 9mm/.40S&W/.45ACP 10pcs Batteries $36.00

  • How to use it:

    1. Install the batteries to light up the laser.

    (Insure all batteries are at the correct direction)

    2. Insert the boresighter into the chamber from the slide opening.

    3. Fix and hold the firearm to aim on the target. Adjust the scope or sight to align the laser dot.

    4. Go to the range do test and make final fine adjustment.

    *This Bore sight is only for short distance, indoor or low light environment.

    *This Bore sight is only helps you to get on the target paper. The final fine adjustment in the range is necessary.

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