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A & M Armory, LLC  Registered FFL Dealer
Veteran owned and operated

We believe in the 2nd Amendment.

Have your online gun purchases sent to us for delivery.  We only charge $15.00 per ATF form #4473 and the NICS (background check) which can be used for up to 3 guns. We handle and file all of the paperwork for you.
Email me for more details.

A criminal doesn't fear government, police, or jail time. He only fears another person with a gun. Put fear in the criminal by owning a gun and keep you and your family safe.

Fill out the contact form and receive emails of the latest additions.


Heading 6

Let’s Talk!

Let's talk about what you are looking for. I can get prices from dealers all over the country at wholesale prices and pass the savings to you through our armory store..

You will be required to either have a ccp or be able to pass an NICS background check to purchase a firearm. No exceptions

I will work with you and try to find the current best price.  All prices are plus NC sales tax. The FBI NICS background check is NO CHARGE  if purchasing a gun from us.

Hand Guns

I can get new or used handguns at savings to you.

I don't have a big overhead because I'm a home-based

online dealer

Rifles & Shotguns

Currently, rifles and shotguns are at a high demand. The prices keep rising and it doesn't look like they are going to get lower anytime soon.


Ammunition is currently at the higest price it's been since 2012. Some ammunition is not available at all. I work with dealers who have reserved amounts and have reasonable prices.

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